Description About My Cousin


He is my cousin. His name is Agung Purwanto. Now, he is one years old. He is so cute boy. But he like to crying. He has a circle eyes, thin  eyebrows, flat nose and chubby cheek. He’s love to eat a snack. And he like to playing and always fussy. He’s like to play with me when I play in his house.  He is like talking everything with his word and I don’t understand it. He’s cute when mad. And he is doesn’t like massaged. He’s always crying when someone do that to him. He is like to walking around in the home. He like to say hello when he meet someone in the street. I really love him so much.

How To Make Cartoon 2D In Adobe Ilustrator

Same people,especially a newbie always get confused when they want to draw they picture into a digital drawing. It’s so easy to draw your drawing in the adobe ilustrator. First,make your draw in the paper. Then scan your draw in the scanner. After that, open the adobe ilustrator. Next, make a new workspace. Drag your scan in the workspace. Make a outline for your draw with pen tools (follow the outline of your draw). Next, give a colour with colour tools. Finally, export your digital drawing with JPG format. So, after you follow that step, you will not get confused anymore.

The Importance of Education

Education is the most important part in our life. Education is not only learn in the school, but in the family and in the environment too. The example in the family is common courtesy to the parents. The example in the environment is respect with neighbour and tolerance. But now, the base education is already dissapear.

Many of teenagers and child already not like that again. In this time, the taste of education is already switch with the age who don’t have a norm. This is very regretful, because it should be a tennager and child must have a norm. It’s very dangerous if a teenagers and a child don’t have a norm, because a nation generation can broken if they doesn’t have a norm.

My First Time Join KEMNASKES

This is starting when I sit on 3rd grader invocational. In that time, I joined saka Bakti Husada. That’s part of pramuka, but not in the school. And then every year, there is have a national competition. It called Kemnakes (Kemah Nasional Kesehatan). That’s a competition for the health university, like Poltekes (Politeknik Kesehatan) and Saka Bakti Husada too. And I trying to join that competition. And I following the selection for that. Alhamdulillah, I have  chosen.  I was very happy. The people who chosen  is 7 girls include me and 7 boys. Kemnakes will be held on Semarang. And then we going to Semarang for 5 days. After we arrived at Semarang, the first thing in my mind is cold. Yes, Semarang is cold. Very different with Batam. I enjoyed my trip before we arrived at Buper (Bumi Perkemahan).


After we arrived at buper, I was so excited.Because the buper is so big. And there was so many people from Indonesia. They was following that competition too. In the first time, I met the people from Gorontalo. His name was Asirudin. But I called him kak As. He was a nice person and friendly. After that, I going to our camp. We building a camp together with my friends.FYI (For Your Information), I was the oldest person. The 6 girls still sits in the 2 or 1 senior high school or vocational high school. And you know, I have chosen as the leader of girls team. I don’t like it. Because I have a big responsibility to them. But, I must accept that.

And then, after that we joined many matches. In the third days, we show our yel-yel and performance. We laugh together and we dance together. There are so much fun. And then, we taking a picture together. In the end of the day we in Semarang, we buy some merchandises. We not win a competition, but our coach say to us that’s no problem. And then, in the morning Kemnakes is over. All of people from any region of Indonesia was going back, include us. The thing I never forget until now is I can meet people from any region of Indonesia.